Socialmedia Video für Belview Apartments

In Zusammenarbeit mit meiner lieben Kollegin Daniela haben wir für die SIGNA Group einen kurzen Socialmedia Clip über die Belview Apartments beim Hauptbahnhof gestaltet. Wir haben mit zwei Schauspielern in einer Beispielwohnung gedreht und so versucht einen Eindruck zu vermitteln wie es sich anfühlt in einer dieser Wohnungen zu leben. Den Ausbilick finde ich auf jeden Fall fantastisch.

2 Min Clip für die Webseite

Speziell für die Socialmedia Ausspielung haben wir das Video auch in Hochformat, Quadratisch und natürlich in gekürzter Version ausgespielt, um das Video an den jeweiligen Ausspielungsort anzupassen.

Kurzversion für Social Media

Regie: Daniela Sonn, Tobias Pehböck

Kamera, Schnitt: Tobias Pehböck

People of Vienna

In end of november I took my camera equipment to the streets of vienna. For a day I set up a so called pop up studio and took portraits of people passing by. Christane and me asked hundreds of people if they would like to participate in this project. So what is it? People of vienna, or however I will call it in the end, is a photographic long time portrait project, I set up a simple studio in different places of Vienna and portrait the diversity of Viennas inhabitants. For sure I would like to extend this projects to different cities. We will see how this goes!
I really enjoyed meeting all this different people I otherwise would not get in touch with. We all live in such small areas, move to the same places on a daily basis, but we hardly get to know each other. This short encounters gave me already a sense of how diverse Währing and of course Vienna is. Here some results of the first streetstudio photo session.

People of Vienna by Tobias PehböckPeople of Vienna by Tobias PehböckPeople of Vienna by Tobias PehböckPeople of Vienna by Tobias Pehböck People of Vienna by Tobias Pehböck People of Vienna by Tobias Pehböck

“Living Habits”: my graduation film for the Erasmus Mundus Master Course Docnomads

Portugal 2014
Director: Tobias Pehböck

Grazianos and Ursulas living habits are a bit different as you may know. They live with their 11 year old daughter Jamila for more than 17 years in their camper van.  During my finals semester with Docnomads I joined them in their life, living myself in a camper van. We shared stories, food and places to be. Out of the time together my graduation film “Lebensgewohnheiten” was formed. With this film I graduated my studies with Docnomads in 2014. The Erasmus Mundus Master Docnomads was one of the most inspiring times in my life. Travelling with a wild bunch of documentary filmmakers was exciting, shootings short films in three different countries, learning from different experiences made in the filmindustry all over the world.

Fresh Roots

Budapest 2014
Director: Tobias Pehböck

The short documentary “Fresh Roots” follows the passionate B-boy Ren in his life as a breakdancer in the capital of Hungary. He sketches the development of the Hungarian Breakdance Scene and describes the main value of the Hip Hop movement in Europe while traveling to a breakdance battle with his friends and Crew mates. They have one common goal: to present the Hungarian on the international Breakdance floor.

Somoskői Ren Mihály
Noris Lobontiu
Aitner Dora
Ali Abovo
Balázs Schally
Bogdan Purice

Directing, Camera, Editing – Tobias Pehböck
Soundrecording – Manuel F. Contreras, Tobias Pehböck
Translating – Asia Dér, Sari Haragonics, Rebeka Balogh
Found footage from “Fresh Roots Clan” and “Funkademy”

Supervision: Break DJ Zielak
DJ Zuluwail – Bboy Rock the beat Vol.3 (
KAZAHAYA – “Remember Hip Hop ft. D-Story, Wax and Herbal T, Braille” (

Special Thanks:
Somoskői Ren Mihály,
Aitner Dora
Urban Dance Studio
Szederkényi Zsolt
Csordás Gábor
Fazekas Róbert
Ali Yo
Manuel F Contreras
Umair Bilal
John Sohel Rahman
Peter Kerekes
Allan Rosenthal
Kékesi Attila
Tamás Almási
Kollányi Tamás
Erika Winkler
Sziopisz Mária
and the Crew of the warehouse

A Singapore Ghost Story

Singapore 2012
Director: Tobias Pehböck

“A Singaporean Ghost Story“ is a documentary about the people living in Singapore, about their believes, their wishes and fears. While talking to the people in this busy, developed citiy, I could find some interesting customs and traditions and it seems like there’s a strong belief in ghosts in this multicultural society.

Is Singapore haunted by Ghosts and where do this incidents happen? Are the ghost dangerous and would they harm you? Why do people believe in Ghosts and are People able to see them?