Showreel 2010

This showreel depicts works until the year 2010.

  • Global 2000 Birthdayparty: Camerawork with a Sony EX1. Produced in 2009.
  • Good News: Cameraoperator on the Arriflex D21. Produced in 2010
  • Drunk’n’Rola: Short Clip that was produced within 2 hours. Camera, Cut, Directing. Produced in 2008.
  • Tourist Info: Cameraoperator with a Mini DV Cam. Produced in 2008.
  • Komm zieh dich bitte aus: Script and Director. Produced in 2009/2010.
  • Law Found Guilt: Camerawork with Mini DV Cam and Cut. Produced in 2008.
  • Thomas Öhler at Fh St. Pölten: Live Show streamed on Internet. Work as Cameraman, Cut. Produced in 2009.