The Wor(l)d Juggler

Lissbon 2013
Director: Tobias Pehböck

“The wor(l)d juggler” is a documentary about the young passionate Hip Hop Artist Malaba and his way of achieving attention for his music in the colorful Hip Hop Scene in Lisbon, Portugal. Malaba is working hard long nights recording his music in the studio, promoting his music by wearing shirts with the saying “I sell original hip hop music” and giving concerts in every small pub in Portugal.

Malaba lives in a small village close to Lissbon with his girlfriend and their 4 year old son Bruce. His decision to give up his well paid job as personal trainer in a gym to concentrate on his music, had the result that his family now struggles with money issues. So Malaba needs to work once a week in a private Club in Lisbon, where he is serving drinks to earn some money for his family.

Malaba faces now two completlely different lives he has to juggle with. On the one hand he needs to support his family and be a father, on the other hand he is chasing his dream, to bemusician and live the life of a rapper.