Fekete Feher

Budapest 2013
Director: Manuel F. Contreras

During my stay in Budapest I worked with my colleague from Colombia Manuel Contreras on his film “Fekete Feher”. We experimented with an 8mm camera.

Synopsis: The marks left by death take the director of this film to Kati and János’ small shop, where they have been selling clothes to those in mourning for 30 years. But as mixed emotions start to arise in the process, the exploration of loss becomes a blackly humorous yet affectionate experience that reveals a renewed familial warmth.

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Portraying Jan Peeters

Brussels 2014
Director: Miguel Lopez

With my colleague from Spain Miguel Lopez I worked on his film in Brussels, here a short synopsis: “Portraying Jan Peeters” shows the life in a person that doesn’t exist. Jan Peeters is created by the inhabitants of the city of Brussels, by their actions, daily routines and decisions. Filmed in a thermal camera to increase the feeling of impersonality and to evoke a scientific observation style on the character, the film raises questions on how individuals struggle in modern cities, not just for survival but for their own and unique existence.

Good News

Stuttgart 2010
Director: Celina Schmidt

Good News was produced at HDM Stuttgart. I was part in a 4 man camera team switching parts from camera operator, 1st assistant, focus puller, and lighting technician. Good News was shoot completely in studio on the Arriflex D-21.

Global 2000 Spot

Vienna 2009
Director: Alexandra Wieser

This is short commercial for the annual Global 2000 Geburtstagsfest Party that took place at WUK Vienna. Students from Fh St. Pölten created this short clip for Global 2000. I shot it on the Sony EX-1.

Showreel 2010

This showreel depicts works until the year 2010.

  • Global 2000 Birthdayparty: Camerawork with a Sony EX1. Produced in 2009.
  • Good News: Cameraoperator on the Arriflex D21. Produced in 2010
  • Drunk’n’Rola: Short Clip that was produced within 2 hours. Camera, Cut, Directing. Produced in 2008.
  • Tourist Info: Cameraoperator with a Mini DV Cam. Produced in 2008.
  • Komm zieh dich bitte aus: Script and Director. Produced in 2009/2010.
  • Law Found Guilt: Camerawork with Mini DV Cam and Cut. Produced in 2008.
  • Thomas Öhler at Fh St. Pölten: Live Show streamed on Internet. Work as Cameraman, Cut. Produced in 2009.