My name is Tobias Pehböck and I was born 1986 in Austria. I studied as an Erasmus Mundus scholar in the Documentary Filmdirecting Master Programme Docnomads in Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. In July 2014 I graduated with the short documentary “Lebensgewohnheiten” (Living Habits) as “Master of Arts in Documentary Film Directing.” During my Bachelor Degree in Media Technology at the University of applied Science in St. Pölten, I was enrolled in FhSpace Tv, an experimental educational Channel as production manager. During my exchange semester at the Media University Stuttgart I worked on several shortfilms with an international group. I was writing my bachelor thesis on lighting on location and in studio during my Internship with Oak3 Films in Singapore where I gained experience in the Camera Department.


„Lebensgewohnheiten“, Documentary Shortfilm, 26min, Algarve, Portugal, 2014
„Die neue Welt“ (The new world), Animationshortfilm, 9min, Brussels, Belgium,  2014
„Fresh Roots“, Documentary Shortfilm, 9min, Budapest, Ungarn, 2013
„The Wor(l)d Juggler“, Documentary Shortfilm, 9min, Lisbon, Portugal, 2013
„A Singapore Ghost Story“, Documentary Shortfilm, 17min, Singapore/ Austria, 2011
„Komm zieh dich bitte aus“ (Please undress), Shortfilm, 12min, Vienna, Austria, 2009
„Kinder´gschichten“ (Kids tales), Documentary Shortfilm, 15min, Perg, Austria, 2007
„Der Mensch entdeckt das Auto“ (Human discovers the car), Documentary Shortfilm, 12min, Austria, 2006